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EASY PRESCRIPTION is prescription writing software. Without a digitized system, an efficient practice cannot function in this day and age. Patient Manager enables you to store in one place patient records which are optimized for fast searching and collaboration. Later you can get insights from statistics and reports. Electronic Medical Records systems have been proven to be a far better approach to documentation than conventional, paper based systems. On average you will save 1 hour a day per medic through the elimination of the paper shuffle. The easy learning curve assures that the implementation transition will have minimal effects how your practice is running. All your information is stored your computer, and nobody from outside can peek into your business.

What you will get
Prescription Printing
Patient Database with Historical Data
Dynamic Search Engine
Multiple Sections Management
1600+ Data in Drug Bank (Trade & Generic Name)
600+ Investigation List
Drug Rules Management (Bangle & English)
Advice Management (Bangle & English)
On Click Operation

Download Easy Prescription (Version: 1.0.1 | Date: 21-Mar-2015)

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